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Walt Johnson - Lead Guitar, Vocals

All Walt cares about is finding the Lost Dutchman Mine in Arizona's Superstition Mountains, and it shows in his playing. Some wonder how he can keep his job in "No Rules" while persuing lost gold and running a wildly successful industrial supplies company. Walt started "No Rules" when it became apparent to him that he was not going to make it on the PGA Tour. The result is a great-sounding band that plays the R&B, soul, and rock 'n roll that he loves. Walt says, "Come on out and we'll keep you dancin' from start to finish".

Walt's Bandography:

  • 1964-66 The Royal Five - Played church and school dances in Seattle area with brother Tom.
  • 1966-69 The London Fog - Played public and school dances throughout the NW with current "No Rules" member Jim Austin and former member Don Bishop.
  • 1969-72 The Sonics - Played all over the country (New England, Hawaii, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and California) with this legendary NW band.
  • 1972-75 Sweetness & Light - Played clubs in Washington and Hawaii (daughter Angela born in Kailua durring eight-week engagement at Waikiki Sheraton).
  • 1975-97 The Machine - Played on same bill with Barney Armstrong in Hawaii and started this band upon return home. Played clubs, one-nighters and television shows throughout the NW and sponsored unlimted hydroplanes at races in Seattle, Tri-Cities and San Diego. Passed the torch to 21-year member and current leader Jim Pompeo in August of '97 and retired.

Doug Heath - Guitar

Doug was born in Sioux City, Iowa and then after a detour in Nome and Sitka, Alaska his family settled in the Seattle area in 1957. Doug started playing guitar at the age of 14 and then shortly after high school he joined local band the City Zu. From '70 to '72 Doug played with Merrilee Rush and then with No Rules bandmates Randy and Scott in the Sonics from '72 to '73. In '73 Doug got a call from rock legend Paul Revere and spent the next 42 years playing in Paul Revere and the Raiders. Doug has also been honored to play with many rock icons including Leon Russell, Righteous Brother Bill Medley, Mitch Ryder, Chuck Negron, Mary Wilson, Sam Moore and The Association.

Randy Hiatt - Vocals, Keyboards, Jocularity

Randy Hiatt was born by a river in a little ol' tent, and just like that river, he's been runnin' ever since.  Randy joined 'December's Children' in 1966 where he played with current 'No Rules" drummer Scott Batchelder.  In early '68 he got the call to replace the legendary Gerry Roslie in Tacoma's famous 'Sonics'.  He was later joined in the Sonics by Jim Brady, Scott, and Walt Johnson, all current members of 'No Rules'.  Following his travels with the Sonics, he began a successful solo career writing and performing his own songs.  He opened for Loggins and Mesina, the Beach Boys, Kraftwerk, Roger Williams, Rick Nelson and others.  Now he's reunited with his best buddies in 'No Rules' and the best is yet to come!

Scott Batchelder - Drums, Vocals


Three-time Mr. Universe and seven-time Mr. Olympia who, in the course of 20 years, has become one of the world's leading box-office attractions, married into one of America's foremost families and built a thriving business and real estate empire. Batchelder played forgettable roles in several 1970s movies. He earned a Golden Globe as best newcomer for his role in Bob Rafelson's Stay Hungry (1976) and starred in two swordplay sagas, Conan the Barbarian (1981) and Conan the Destroyer (1984), each of which grossed over $100 million worldwide. Batchelder's screen persona, a physique that strains the imagination combined with a thick NW accent, took a major credibility boost with Terminator, The (1984), which cast him as an android. His trademark, automaton-like delivery of minimal lines such as "I'll be back".

Scott's bandography:

  • 1964-66 - THE ESSEX - Winner of the 1965 Regional "Battle of The Bands" performed the "High School Dance Scene" in the Seattle area.
  • 1967-68 - DECEMBER'S CHILDREN - Five piece band with strong musicianship and vocals performing throughout Northwest "One Nighter" dance circuit with current No Rules member Randy Hiatt on Hammond B3 and vocals.
  • 1968-75 - THE SONICS - Legendary NW band performing and touring with Randy Hiatt, Doug Heath and Jim Brady (RIP). Walt Johnson joined when Doug was recruited by Paul Revere & The Raiders.
  • 1975-85 - BURGUNDY EXPRESS - Eight piece horn/show band toured the U.S., Western Canada and Japan while residing and performing in Hawaii six months per year.
  • 2005 - 2025 - NO RULES!

Jim Austin - Vocals, Keyboards, Tenor Saxophone, Guitar, etc.

"Bon vivant, scholar, raconteur." "An extraordinary talent, forged over years of painstaking craftsmanship." "The voice, presence and persona combine in a near-religious experience." These and other accolades have yet to be showered upon our own Gentleman Austin James, notwithstanding tours of duty with such revered Northwest bands as "The London Fog", "Firm Hold", "Wonderdogs" and "The Suits". Now, at last, talents brought to the fore with "No Rules", a grateful world says, simply, "Thank you."

Real Name: Buster Crank.

Eats: Kohlrabi.

Dislikes: Photos that make him look like a dork (this one, for example).

Jeff "Jefe" Miller - Saxes, Flute, First Cowbell (Concertmaster)

Jeff was born and raised in West Philadelphia.  In school, he spent most of his time on the playground, playing basketball. In his freshman year of high school, he got into a fight with a few local bullies and on his mother's request, moved to Bel Air, California to live with his Aunt and Uncle.  His first impression of people drinking orange juice out of champagne glasses convinced him this was where he was destined to be. He lived there until 2015, when No Rules asked him to move to Seattle to join the band.

Dennis Ashbrook - Baritone Sax, Flute, Vocals, Second Cowbell

 Dennis Ashbrook

As evidenced by his photo, even at an early age, Dennis not only showed a flair for theatrics but also a keen eye for fashion.

He was born of humble beginnings.  However, the assertion that he was born in a barn in the Middle East is patently false.  Almost from birth Dennis showed great promise.  He began reading novels at 14 months of age and also showed a profound interest in math.  It was evident after his first week in Kindergarten that he was far beyond “Dick and Jane.”   He put crayon to hand and began writing steamy romance novels as well as quantum theory texts. This began a rapid progression through grade school and on to high school graduating before his 8th birthday.   It was then off to MIT.  At age 10 he was valedictorian of his class and PhD at 12. 

When he reached puberty and beginning to eat his family out of house and home, he combined his love of physics with the physical world of cuisine.  For his seminal work in “String cheese” theory he received the Nobel Prize and coveted James Beard Award.  Also he was awarded the rare “Marquis de Sade culinary medal of honor” for his ability to  “Whip up things” in the kitchen.  During this period he also began participating in competitive eating contests.  He currently holds the world record for eating berry pies, pork buns and antacids.

He is currently working on time regression; because, let’s face it folks, we all want to go back.  In addition to his research work in physics, culinary arts and romance novels, he is also a guest lecturer at symposiums, bookstores, and cable cooking shows worldwide.

The next time you are at an all you can eat buffet, look for Dennis in line, he’s probably going back for training, of course, for the next competition.

Mark Mosholder - Bass, Vocals


After way too much time in a remote village high in the Himalayas Walt called Mark via satellite phone and said, "You'll never find that Yeti, it's time to come home and play in my band."  Out of total disbelief that Walt tracked him down, Mark took this as an omen and agreed to put his search on hold and come back to the PNW to play.

Mark grew up next to a dairy farm in Bellevue, attended Cornish studying music, and went on to perform with such bands as:
  • Mansion
  • The New Topics
  • Avalon
  • Random Manor 
  • Shelly and the Curves